Why Live Off Grid?

If a person is said to be living off the grid it means that they do not rely on a centralized utility system. They are self sufficient and provide everything that they need themselves. They are not affected by financial instability that is happening elsewhere in the world.


It is a common misconception that an off the grid home has to be purpose built in a rural location. The truth is that off the grid homes can be found anywhere and are lived in by people from all walks of life.


What Are The Advantages Of Living Off The Grid?


Living off the grid is a very simple lifestyle and this means that it is considerably cheaper. There are hardly any expenses when compared to other types of lifestyles.


Those living off the grid will also not be as susceptible to problems occurring as other people. They will always have water and electricity, whereas other people will be left without these basic amenities if a major problem does arise.


There is quite a lot of physical work involved in living off the grid but this has the added advantage of helping to keep a person fit. There is also a lot of planning ahead that will need to be considered and this helps to keep the mind active. Skills will be gained that may not have been used before.


Living off the grid is very environmentally friendly. There will be a substantial reduction in a person’s carbon footprint and power will only be coming from sustainable sources. It is a simple lifestyle but one that is very rewarding.


Things To Consider When Living Off The Grid


Although a lot of money will be saved in the long term, living off the grid will require some upfront cash. This is because setting up water and electricity systems will cost money.


It is also a good idea to make sure that the whole family are on board with living off the grid in order to make it a success. There are times when things may get difficult and everyone needs to pull together with no bad feelings.

It can be hard work to live off the grid and it is not simply a case of setting everything up and leaving it to take care of itself. It can take a lot of determination to succeed and other people may not understand why the decision has been made to live in this way.