• Tips for Canning Your Own Food

    Why do we can?

    We had to reach out to the ones who read this and figure out just what exactly made canning such a huge hit in today’s world where everything is so modern. When we asked the answer received was this: When you can food the flavor is so much more flavor filled and different, also the food is so delicious and in good health and all the while is helping save money for whoever is canning. You will also see you will be more reliable on yourself and be able to create and remember many stories to pass on that will be memories you will not want to forget. You may want to look into seeing replies from many people and really start to inspire yourself and start to actually fill up your pantry closet with all your home grown, home canned foods you have prepared: Putting food up and stocking the old fashioned way.


    How does canning work?


    There is a science to canning really. You will see if you know a lot about food science you will actually be very content and confident in your skills while working in the kitchen. This will actually ring true to many different ways and types of cooking methods but, this is actually more helpful toward preserving your foods then you may realize.Freezing food will actually keep out certain harmful bacterias from whatever you may be freezing along with freezing the time frame of life and growth within what you are freezing so it does not spoil. Really if you think about it when it comes to the art of canning usually it is done because people are wanting to stop time for that food being canned if even for a little while.


    Different methods of canning


    The easiest way you could possibly try to can would be water bath canning, which basically all you do is place acidic food inside the jars which consist of tomatoes, berries, or even cucumbers that have vinegar around them. After you would actually make sure you have lids on every jar and place those jars inside a big opened up pot and place water in the pot. Once the water inside of your pot starts boiling your jars will slowly create a seal underneath their lids so they can actually keep air out along with certain bacterias so the bacteria does not live and try to breed inside of the food and potentially spoil the canned goods.


    When the method of water bath canning is used you actually have such a variety of different amazing foods such as jellies, jams, whole tomatoes and even pickles. This is definitely the way you should start out. There is also another method which is known as pressure canning this is more advanced than water bath canning. When using the pressure canning method you will notice you have a lot more you need to have including skills, and actually there is some equipment that will be needed. If you are wanting to can the main ingredients in the makeup of a specific meal then you should check into this method of canning. If you want to learn more on this topic look up online Learn To Can For Homegrown Flavor with water bath canning and pressure canning: Explained, Learn how to can by just using a boiling pan with water as the water bath method and learn how to can at home with raw ingredients vs hot ingredients packaged.




    When it comes to canning these specific ways the only equipment you will need will be a pot that can hold enough water to completely cover the jars you will be using. Jar lifters are something else you will want to invest and the jars of course. I would also buy a pressure canner.




    When it comes to ingredients you will want to use top of the ling ingredients with no blemishes or scratches. Usually, you buy them during the season they would be ready. Buy in bulk, always!


    Process you need to go through


    The process is not that difficult. Say it is a Sunday when you decide you have got all the ripest produce you will need all you have to do is make sure your jars are clean, lined up on your counter space, and all equipment and gear is handy. The last steps are a piece of cake. 1) Make sure you prepare every item. 2) Fill up your jars how you have planned. 3.) Clean the rims of your jars. 4.) Place lids on jars and bands with them. 5.) You will now boil and heat on the stove. 6.) Take the jars from the stove and allow them proper time to cool down until the pop of the jar lid is heard.


    Being safe while canning
    Safety lessons. You should not have to be afraid or scared to can at all you need to make sure you are not scare so you know everything is safe. Make sure everything is sanitized. Buy a pH meter so you can also have this to use. If you would like to read more about that you can learn about this at the National Center for Home and food preservation.